Willmar Area EAR

Fox Hunt Guidelines


  - Prior to the beginning of the fox hunt we will be meeting at Robbins Island at 9:30 am to discuss the hunt and answer any questions. The fox will be hidden somewhere within Willmar, MN in a publicly-accessible location. You will not be required to pay to access an area to find the fox, or to walk onto someone’s property (but don’t discount the end of dead-end roads)
  - The transmitter will be on the air by 10:00 am on the morning of the hunt, and off-air by 12:00 pm unless found early by all teams.
  - Fox will use the nationally-accepted 2 meter fox hunt frequency of 146.565 MHz
  - Fox will transmit a series of short beeps for 30 seconds followed by a CW I.D. and 90 seconds of silence.

Scoring and reporting 

  - The transmitter will have an I.D. code for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and so on. When you find the fox, call into net control on 147.030- and
relay the code.
  - Once you’ve found the fox and called in, leave the area – if others participating in the hunt see you hanging around, it may tip them off
to the location of the fox!
  - As a common courtesy to others, please don’t announce where you found the fox (on local repeaters, the fox output frequency, or social
media, etc.) – we want everyone to have fun with this, even those that can’t participate right at the start of the hunt.

Recommended Gear


  - 2 meter radio with a removable rubber duckie antenna
  - Paper clip

Extra gear (not required, but helpful):

  - Portable directional antenna (Yagi, Moxon, cubical quad)
  - Adjustable RF attenuator, passive or active
  - Receiver with SSB/CW mode capability
  - Compass or GPS unit
  - Map, atlas, or gazetteer

***The ‘fox’ transmitter is a metal ammo can with an antenna.